Working in Poland

After deciding to work in Poland, you probably have a lot of questions. What makes this country famous for its tasty sausages, beautiful women and attractive to work? What are the benefits and what do you need to consider? 24/7 drive can help you. Here you will find a number of advantages of working in Poland.

The relationship between employers and employees

In Poland, relations between employers and employees are organized under the so-called Employment relationship, contained in the comprehensive Labor Code, dealing with the issues of relationships with the legal rate. This also applies to foreign workers. In addition, trade unions often operate in workplaces, which, as a voluntary organization of employees, negotiate the improvement of working conditions.

Health insurance

Everyone living in Poland, both students, working people and retirees, is required to join health insurance. Thanks to this, we can count on cash benefits due to illness, the so-called L4, health benefits in the field of dentistry and preventive vaccinations, reimbursement of costs incurred for the purchase of orthopedic devices, hospital treatment, consultations with a general practitioner or the purchase of drugs. Depending on the status, situation, and in the case of working people, also on the type of contract, in Poland we can distinguish several types of social insurance, but regardless of this, at every stage of your life in Poland, you will be accompanied by insurance!

Pension scheme

In order to provide you with income in the future, contributions in Poland are included in the amount set aside for Compulsory Social Insurance. However, as in the case of insurance, everyone has the option of additional savings according to their own criteria. Do you want to know more about the pension program? Contact 24/7 drive for more information on the retirement program.

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