Application procedure

If you apply for a job as a truck driver at 24/7 drive, you will go through the following steps. We would like to inform you of this, so that you know what to expect.

Apply via website

We are glad that you are interested in working with us! Respond to one of the vacancies on our website, or send an open application. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Apply via Facebook

Our Facebook pages are mainly intended to be informed of vacancies and news. Did you find us on Facebook and would you like to respond to one of our vacancies? Then we would appreciate it if you apply via our website, but you can also send us a message via Facebook with your contact details.

Our recruiter will call you

When we receive your application, one of our recruiters calls you to get acquainted with you.  During the conversation, you will learn more details about the offer you have chosen, or the recruiter will help you find another one that meets your expectations.

Registration form

After the interview you will receive an email with a registration form. Completing this is very important in the recruitment process, as an employment contract will be drawn up between you and our agency on the basis of this.

Reference check

If you are applying to us to work as a driver, a recruiter will also check your references in a previous company, or a company you name as appropriate to obtain this information. We are not interested in whether you were liked by the boss, but in what kind of driver and employee you were.

Apply via video

To speed up and facilitate the application process, 24/7 drive uses video recruitment. This way you get the opportunity to introduce yourself in a very special and personal way. We discuss what your wishes and needs are. In this way we can look for the job that suits you best.

One of the benefits of applying via video, is the fact that you are participating in an automated online interview where you are guided step-by-step by a recruiter you can see on the screen. In our experience, a lot of candidates feel very comfortable presenting themselves this way. Because you’re probably always on the move as a truck driver, our video recruitment offers an opportunity to present yourself via video with you mobile phone! All you need is a working internet connection. Applying has never been this easy!

Proposal at client

When we have found your ideal job, we introduce you to the client. If you are not staying in the Netherlands during the recruitment, and therefore you do not have the opportunity to meet your future employer in person, we will ask you to record a 30- second video.

Confirmation via e-mail

Is there a match between you and the client? Then we will ensure that you can come to the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany as quickly as possible. You receive confirmation from us by e-mail.

Your first day at 24/7 drive 

Once you have arrived in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany, we will prepare all official documents, sign your contract and visit the client. You are now ready to start working at 24/7 drive.

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