About 24/7 drive

We’re 24/7 drive, nice to meet you! 

24/7 drive is an ambitious and professional organization from The Netherlands, in the field of long-term employment. We focus mainly on drivers and other logistics professionals from Europe such as Romania, Lithuania and Poland, which want to apply their skills in The Netherlands. We have been doing so for many years now, during which we were able to build and maintain a broad network of professionals throughout Europe.

Driven by people


All our colleagues are driven to make the best match. We are at your service 24/7.


We personally know our drivers and logistic employees. Therefore we know exactly what you need.


24/7 drive meets all requirements and we know the transport world. It is our drive to keep our customers and you satisfied.

Professionality first

We invest in a thorough selection process. This way we make sure that our clients are fully satisfied with the services we provide. After a carefully orchestrated process in which we organize multiple contact moments between us and the applicant (for instance through video recruitment or cammio), we arrange a meeting between our clients and the job applicant. This way we can guarantee the professionalism and skills of the applicants.

Good employership matters to us

Good employership is very important to us. We feel responsible for everyone that works for 24/7 drive and we want each and everyone to feel valued when they work for and with us. For instance, we organize social events, help our personnel to get proper housing near their workplace and assist them with the necessary insurances. This underlines our desire to be more than an employer for European drivers and other logistics professionals: we’re a partner you can trust.

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We have locations throughout Europe, such as Son, Apeldoorn, Roosendaal, Utrecht, Vlaardingen (The Netherlands), Antwerpen (Belgium), Katowice (Poland), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Cluj-Napoca (Romania), with more divisions opening each year.

Do you want more information about 24/7 drive? Discover what we can do for your organisation and contact us directly, we’d love to tell you more about how we can add value to your logistics.

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