Meet our driver Elijus which is working in one of our clients company!

30 June 2021

Meet our driver Elijus who is working in one of our clients company for around half year. He was working as international driver before but now he is enjoying to drive as a national driver. Why? Check the interview to find out!

Could you introduce yourself, tell shortly where are you working, what kind of job you are doing?

I am Elijus from Lithuania and at the moment I am working in Dutch logistics company, I am driving from Rotterdam or Amsterdam Schiphol around all country, night and day shifts.

Why you chose to work in national transport? What advantages you see comparing with international transport? The biggest advantage which I see is possibility to have a personal life. It is such a wonderful thing. Because in this case you can be often at home and if you need, you can arrange your working hours with the company, which is not only flexible but really friendly. They always communicate in a nice, polite way. This is what I also appreciate

Why you chose the Netherlands to work? What you like in this country?

I chose the Netherlands because I have been there during my international trips as a truck driver, so from this time this country catch my attention. The most what I like in the Netherlands is beautiful environment, strong economic situation and of course a lot of friendly people.  

How long you are working as a truck driver? What are differences to work in your home country and abroad?

I am working as a truck driver from 2015 year. I see huge differences, starting from salary and working conditions, which in my opinion, are better abroad. I would say that here, in the Netherlands, the job is easier. You are living abroad, but anyway you can have really happy life here.

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