Warning: Fraud with 1ToDrive company name

2 November 2020

Recently we have noticed more cases of fraudulent activities when deceivers are using 1ToDrive name and asking people to pay money in advance for recruitment service/the place at working place. They also show company documents with our company name and stamps. This is not correct and this is fraud. We want to make it very clear that our company never charges candidates who are searching for a job.

We always email from a 1ToDrive e-mail address and always use our company account on Facebook, never a personal account. We also do not work with other parties who do the recruitment for us.

Have you been approached by someone who says they are from 1ToDrive, but are you unsure about this? Call or email us to check it. You can find our contact details here.

❗Recruitment services of our agency are free of charge❗

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