Working in Germany

Once you have decided to work in Germany, you probably have a lot of questions. What makes the country known for its beer and sausages so attractive to work in? What are the benefits and what do I have to consider? 24/7 drive is able to help you. Here you can find a number of advantages of working in Germany.

The relationship between employers and employees

In Germany, the relationship between employers and employees is well arranged under the so-called labour law. Due to, for example, Collective Labour Agreements (Tarifverträge), the legal position of employees is strengthened. This is also applicable to employees from abroad.

Health insurance

Everyone living or working in Germany, is obliged to participate in the health insurance scheme, to cover the cost of for example hospital treatments, consults by a general practitioner or the purchase of medication. Based on the principle of solidarity (everyone living in Germany pays and contributes to the overall costs of health care), everyone has also the right to essential medical care.

Pension scheme

To insure you of an income in the future, a retirement plan has been arranged by the government. It is embedded in the German social security plan.

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